Ministry of Health: Information for Older People

YoungOldHandsIf you support an older person, visit the Services for Older People section of the Ministry of Health’s website for helpful information and resources. 

These include informative booklets, including one about Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC), with contact details for your local NASC agency.

Another great booklet to look at is Long-Term Residential Care for Older People: What you need to know (2012). This booklet explains both the needs assessment process for aged residential care and the financial means assessment for eligibility for the Residential Care Subsidy. It also gives information about what an older person can expect when they go into an aged care facility, how much they have to pay, and where they can get more information if they need it.

You will also find links to other helpful websites that provide information, services, support and advocacy for older people, and more!

Photo:, KacsoSandor