Stroke Foundation Information for Carers

Intimacy After StrokeDownload helpful booklets and pamphlets at the Stroke Foundation website, and learn about support options near where you live.

You can view the Foundation’s informative booklets online or order print copies by emailing 

Booklets include:

  • Understanding and Preventing Stroke and Transient Ischaemic Attack

  • Intimacy After Stroke: Carers NZ highly recommends this resource for carers and those they support who are rebuilding intimacy after any serious injury or health trauma!

Free A4 infosheets at the website cover topics such as coping with stress, fatigue after stroke, and emotional and behavioural changes after stroke.

Copies of the booklet about stroke prevention are available in Mandarin/English, Māori, Cook Island Māori, Tongan, and Samoan.

If you have questions about stroke or available support from the Foundation and its regional offices, phone the free national Helpline, 0800 STROKE (787 653).

Intimacy After Stroke