2022 World Carers Conversation

The World Carers Conversation was held on May 20, 2022.

This global, virtual event was held with the support of EMD Serono and Embracing Carers. Innovators, researchers, policymakers and carer advocates from around the globe spoke about advancements in the field, innovations in caregiving research, practice and policy from around the world. You can view slides from the event here.

A highlight reel from the 2022 will be made available soon. In the meantime, revisit highlights from the 2020 World Carers Conversation here.

More about the 2022 event

Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, care advocates around the world have experienced pressures on the health and social care systems in their nations, exposing unmet needs for millions of family caregivers worldwide. Beyond the urgent public health care needs that have resulted from and been exasperated by COVID-19, carer organizations continue to confront challenges around how families are included or excluded from care delivery models, the lack of incentives from regulators and payers to capture data on the caregiving experience, reimbursement and financing for carer support, and disparities between care experiences across nations.

As the uncertainty around the future of the global COVID-19 pandemic continues, support for carers remains critical. NAC is convening global leaders, experts, influencers, researchers, policymakers, innovators, and other stakeholders in caregiving to share their unique research, case studies, programs, interventions, and perspectives on the future of caregiving as part of this event.

More info at World Carers Conversation

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