Young caring with Mercy

My eldest brother Ollie needs a lot of help and often we miss out on sports and other activities. Sometimes people stare at us but I don’t mind, other times there are nice people who smile or start talking with Ollie.

Ollie has a great sense of humor and loves to say what day it is which for him is always Tuesday and what the weather is going to be like, if it’s a lovely day then he’s having a good day.

I never say that he isn’t my brother when people ask me, because I’m proud to say that charming, witty and good looking guy standing next to me is my brother (no Levi I’m not talking about you ☺).

Usually I help with Ollie and get him water, afternoon tea and all sorts of stuff, and Dad and Mum get him asleep but sometimes they have to stay up all night. Mum and Dad used to have jobs but had to quit and work with Ollie, but they wouldn’t have it any other way because at least we get to see him and he’s not in some kind of high security, prison feeling hospital that is 3 hours away like he was for a few months. It was hard to visit him and leave him behind.

Right now we trying to get more hours of support for Ollie, and once we do, we will go on a holiday for the first time in years because someone has offered to pay for accommodation and petrol just so we could go on a holiday in Queenstown.

Thanks for reading our story.