Information for every step of your caring journey!

Information for every step of your caring journey!



Quick And Easy Crafts!

by Editor

If you have some spare time on your hands, or are looking for something different to do, why not try some of our quick and easy crafts! These inexpensive projects…

Makeup Tips For Seniors

Recently, Family Care magazine received a letter from an ‘oldie’ who asked for some makeup tips for the more mature woman. Ula Western, of Coopers Beach, kindly provided some basic…


Dressing Table Nostalgia!

Take a treasure-filled trip down memory lane with residents of Bupa’s Waterlea and Bethesda facilities! Many of the beautiful items featured in this article were given by husbands and parents…


Puzzle Fun!

Palmerston North librarian Joy Hamilton’s accident led to a new career, importing and selling jigsaws for others who enjoy this hobby. In 1990 I was involved in a car accident…

Inspiration: Journaling For Health

Whether it’s to record your life, vent feelings, or learn about yourself, keeping a diary is a healthy hobby! The art of storytelling is as old as mankind. Stories help…


Young Caring: Supporting Mum

By Marylynn Maloney Boyes. Childhood memories wash over Marylynn when she does the laundry. Keeping up with the family washing was just one of the chores that fell to Marylynn…


Health Genealogy

We often look at a newborn baby and marvel at how he has his grandmother’s eyes or her father’s chin, but we don’t typically wonder what else may have been…