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Information for every step of your caring journey!

Information for every step of your caring journey!

Covid-19 Survey Report: Caring In Lockdown

by Editor

We must do more for carers. We must do better.

Extended flexibility for Carer Support and Individualised Funding

Flexible use of Carer Support and IF funding has been continued by MoH until 30 September 2020. Here are guidelines about how this will work.

Carers Alliance welcomes plans to improve payment for carers

From April 2020 you can be considered for Funded Family Care if you are a spouse or have a child under 18 with high/complex support needs. Young people aged 16-17 will also be eligible for FFC.

If Abuse, Neglect or Violence happen, by Tricia Hendry

Sadly, there can be instances when abuse, neglect, or violence happens to vulnerable people.

Keeping up relationships with others, by Tricia Hendry

Having good relationships with others is important for our wellbeing. So how can we keep up relationships with people we like and enjoy? The responsibilities and time demands of a caring role can mean less time is made for socialising. For our own wellbeing’s sake, how can we avoid becoming socially isolated, or lonely?

Understanding Grief

Grief can be challenging at times – whatever kind of change or loss has caused it, and whatever age or stage we are.  Understanding it more can help us as…

Are you caring for an older family member or friend?

If you support an older loved one, this resource may help!

Caring for older loved ones