Information for every step of your caring journey!

Information for every step of your caring journey!

Work + Learn Toolkit

by Editor

Download our Work + Learn Toolkit here! Information for family, whānau and aiga carers to explore options for paid employment. Work & Learn is a free programme from Carers NZ.…

Carewise Work + Learn

Is 2023 the year you will explore new employment horizons? Carers NZ is launching a new pilot in its CareWise carer friendly workplace programme. We’ll be working with 20 family carers who want to migrate from…

Enabling Good Lives

Enabling Good Lives (EGL) is a new approach to supporting disabled people that offers greater choice and control over the supports they receive, so that they can plan for the…

We Are Not Machines

Understanding carer burnout, what helps prevent it and ways to recover By Tricia Hendry Every family, whānau, and aiga carer knows their role can be rewarding, but they also know…

Dementia Action Plan 2020-2025

“We live our best possible lives when: … We have consistent quality support, care, and information which is timely and appropriate to us; it is provided with kindness by compassionate people who have the right skills and knowledge, our interests as a focus, and with whom we are comfortable.” The Dementia Declaration

Covid-19 Survey Report: Caring In Lockdown

We must do more for carers. We must do better.

Flexibility for Carer Support and Individualised Funding

The Disability Directorate of the Ministry of Health continues to provide flexibility of carer support and individualised funding for eligible people