Information for every step of your caring journey!

Information for every step of your caring journey!


Advice: Managing Medications

Many older people take several medications several times a day. Managing medications is a home health basic. Complete our Medications Care Plan and keep it updated. Ensure refill information is…


Advice: Communicating With Medical Professionals

Family carers have regular contact with GPs and many other health professionals, government agencies, and support organisations. Being able to communicate well with a wide range of professionals is an…


St John: Online First Aid Library

Be prepared for most health emergencies by visiting St John’s online First Aid Library. The library provides all New Zealanders with a valuable practical guide to first aid for a…

St John CPR

Care Planning Tools: Medications Care Plan

Download and complete! Carers NZ’s Medications Care Plan is designed for family carers who provide regular or 24 hour support for an elderly, ill, or disabled family member or friend.…

First Aid with St John: Learn CPR!

  Would you know how to carry out CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) if you found a person unconscious and suffering from a cardiac arrest? CPR is easy to learn, simple to…


Advice: Ask your Pharmacist

Chemists provide more services than most of us realise! Community chemists are the the health professionals family carers see most often, along with GPs and practice nurses.  Hear advice from…

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