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Time Out

Interactive Snow Globe

We are all kids at heart.

Autumn Song: Gratitude

Fall Song by Mary Oliver Another year gone, leaving everywhereits rich spiced residues: vines, leaves, the uneaten fruits crumbling damplyin the shadows, unmattering back from the particular islandof this summer,…

Peace and Rises

A perfect fly fishing afternoon.

Acantilado: The Cliff

Based on the poem “Estados de Animo” by Mario Benedetti  States of mindSometimes I feel as a low hill and others as a mountain with many peaks. Sometimes I feel like a cliff, and…

Unsquare Dance

Think you got rhythm? Try following this beat in 7/4 time signature … or sit back and watch these artists show you how it’s done. Directed by Stewart Maclennan (…

The Frozen Forest

Take a deep breath. Feel the frosted flow of nature as you enter Ben Lean’s Frozen Forest.

The Turtle and the Shark

Animated short film based on a Samoan legend emulating the traditional tapa cloth artistry. © Copyright – All Rights Reserved by Ryan Woodward.

Make A Flax Rosebud!

A quick, simple method to make a miniture rose bud from flax. Best suited to soft thin strips. William uses up the tails cut from weaving kete whakairo and they…