Time Out

Winter’s Blight

In a clearing amongst a forest of pines lives a lonely old man who struggles to keep himself warm, though help comes from an unexpected friend. Winter’s Blight is a…

Bubbles Cellar

Interactive shadow making bubble blowing!

Thermal Pool

An immersive bathing experience!

Wild Ice Skating

Hitch a ride with these Alaskan backcountry skaters on the wild ice of rivers, lakes, glacial lagoons, and ice caves. Filmed in southcentral and southeast Alaska over the course of…

NZ Star Gazing

Time lapse compilation of night skies across Aotearoa.

Gone Curling

Naseby in Central Otago is the last place in the world where you can enjoy the winter sport of curling on natural ice. Watch this charming short film by Rachael…

Soft Snowfall

Drift with the heavy, slow fall of snowflakes – covering the pines, the birches, the landscape.  

Fiddle Waltz

The name of Rex McGee’s waltz is unknown but it was played by his grandfather Ralph, born in 1901. Visit fidvid.org for lots of fiddle tunes by Rex.