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Time Out

How To Make Paper Dolls Holding Hands

Step by step fun for all ages!

Along the Appalachian Trail

A blanket of stars.

Sounds of Paragliding

Listen to nature’s harmony while you fly.

Make Moments Count

If we focus only on the ‘bad’ things, we can skip right past the good ones. What are three things you enjoyed or were thankful for today?

What Activities Do You Like?

Walking. Zumba. Gardening. Playing with the kids. Cooking. Running. Tai Chi. Surfing. Yoga. Swimming. Cycling. Pilates. Sleeping. Dancing. Crafts. Fishing. Carpentry/DIY. Make a list of the activities you enjoy: use…


Caregivers have time out. From Adam Larsen’s Undersung documentary.  Hang out with other carers on retreat.  

Sweet Child o’ Mine

You’ll enjoy this rendition of Guns N’ Roses’ famous song, with Miche Braden on vocals and Postmodern Jukebox.

Friends and Summer!

There’s nothing like friends in Summer time! A soothing, tropical sounding song performed by carer Avon Hansen-Beadle and her group Ad Lib.