Time Out

Starling Flock

A swell of birds makes for beautiful, unusual formations in the air.  Mesmerising nature.

Parengarenga Birds Eye View

Not many get to the very Far North of New Zealand. Birds. Sand. Sea. Silent. Sublime.

Basic Flower Arranging

Make your favourite flowers pop. Simple tips apply to any blooms, any season, any length – it’s easy!

The Tree of Life

There is a forest just a fence jump away from our backyard. This forest is home to many punga trees, native to New Zealand, soon to be destroyed to build…

We Are Different

You never know where the day will end. It might be dancing on the sand with the love of your long life.  

Tui Friends

If you had more time, what would you do? You’re with friends in the sunshine, swimming.  

David: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

DAVID by Human Postcards David is a young kid living in the capital of Myanmar. He is conscious of the climate threats his generation is facing and tries to inspire…

Karamatura Loop Walk, Huia Regional Park, Auckland

Enjoy this virtual walk in the bush! Huia – named after Waikato Maori chief, Te Huia – is a lovely coastal hamlet on the Manukau Harbour. With a safe swimming…