Information for every step of your caring journey!

Information for every step of your caring journey!


Disability Funding Information

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The Disability Directorate of the Ministry of Health continues to provide flexibility of carer support and individualised funding for eligible people

All Kinds of Help! Our Comprehensive Guide

Many organisations offer specialised advice and information to help older people, family carers, and New Zealanders who have health or disability needs.  Download our helpful NZ Guide, with contact details…


Government Services for Seniors

Download this helpful guide which covers a range of information and help that’s available to people aged 65 years and older. Produced by the Ministry of Social Development, Services for…


Rural Support Options

Tight-knit, loyal, renowned for caring on their own and for their own, the strength of NZ’s rural communities is legendary. So it’s no wonder that many country folk are reluctant…

Ministry of Health: Information for Older People

If you support an older person, visit the Services for Older People section of the Ministry of Health’s website for helpful information and resources.  These include informative booklets, including one…


Support At Home: Needs Assessment and Service Coordination

If you are assisting elderly friends or family members, or need more help yourself these days to continue living independently at home, you may be eligible for government-funded assistance. All…

111: Advice from St John

What to do during a 111 call. 1. When the Telecom operator answers, ask to speak to ambulance. 2. When you are connected to the Ambulance Communications Centre, St John will…

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