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Information for every step of your caring journey!

Information for every step of your caring journey!

Wellbeing WOF: Check yourself out

Give yourself the once over! Use Katharine Findlays’ warrant of fitness checklist to help you and your loved ones stay healthy through the year.

A Guide For Carers

A Government Resource Every family carer should read the Government’s Guide for Carers It outlines the help available from many government agencies for those supporting a family member or friend…

Want an issue of our magazine?

Family Care is packed with helpful articles to help you self-manage common caring issues at home. To request a free sample copy, phone Carers NZ’s National Carer Resource Centre on (0800)…

Helpful tips on trimming hair: Video Collection

Hair, Jewellery, Makeup: Single Handed Self-Care How To Safely Trim Nose Hair How To Trim A Man’s Hair How To Trim A Mustache! Beard Trimming for Men The Perfect Shave

Dementia and Alzheimers: Video Collection

Introducing the Dementia and Alzheimers Video Collection After Tomorrow: A Touching Short Film (15 minutes). Returning to the village of his estranged wife, James grows increasingly concerned when the sinister owner of…

Video Series: Managing Bladder + Bowel Needs at Home

Andrea Lord of the New Zealand Continence Association talks on a range of topics relating to bowel and bladder incontinence. The series covers assessment, choosing products, managing bowel continence at…

Strength: Video Collection

Introducing the Strength for Life Video Series.

Practical exercises you can do in 15 minute intervals at home

Carer Story: Dealing with burn injuries

It pays to be prepared for emergencies: most injuries happen at home in an instant, says Virginia Linton, who was ill prepared when her partner was seriously burned. It began…