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Covid-19 Survey Report: Caring In Lockdown

by Editor

We must do more for carers. We must do better.

Carers forgotten, report finds

Almost 700 carers completed the Caring In Lockdown survey.

COVID-19 Guidance

We are regularly updating our info for carers.

Carer Support and Individualised Funding (IF)

The Ministry of Health is extending the flexibility for Carer Support and Individualised Funding (IF) until 28 February 2021 (initially this was due to end 30 June 2020, to cover the COVID-19 response).

PPE information from the Ministry of Health: What’s important for you to know about PPE.

Information on masks has been updated. Please check our COVID-19 Guidance page for current guidelines around face coverings. Carers NZ recommends wearing a face covering in situations where applicable, to protect yourself and others. However we also understand that this isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ issue: carers or the person(s) they are caring for, may have good reasons for not wearing a mask. The Ministry of Health has provided exemption cards which you can download and print here.