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Carer Story: Dealing with burn injuries

by Editor

It pays to be prepared for emergencies: most injuries happen at home in an instant, says Virginia Linton, who was ill prepared when her partner was seriously burned. It began…

St John Caring Caller

Download the St John Caring Caller brochure and add it to your own electronic carer infopack! St John Caring Caller is a free telephone friendship service that regularly puts people…


Home Safety: First Aid Knowhow!

What would you do if you found someone lying unconscious, who was choking, or may have suffered from an overdose? You never know when you might need to give urgent…

111: Advice from St John

What to do during a 111 call. 1. When the Telecom operator answers, ask to speak to ambulance. 2. When you are connected to the Ambulance Communications Centre, St John will…

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First Aid with St John: Learn CPR!

  Would you know how to carry out CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) if you found a person unconscious and suffering from a cardiac arrest? CPR is easy to learn, simple to…