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Home Safety: First Aid Knowhow!

by Editor

What would you do if you found someone lying unconscious, who was choking, or may have suffered from an overdose? You never know when you might need to give urgent…

Stroke Foundation Information for Carers

Download helpful booklets and pamphlets at the Stroke Foundation website, and learn about support options near where you live. You can view the Foundation’s informative booklets online or order print…

Intimacy After Stroke

St John: Online First Aid Library

Be prepared for most health emergencies by visiting St John’s online First Aid Library. The library provides all New Zealanders with a valuable practical guide to first aid for a…

St John CPR

Caring for Nana Balloon

When 80 year old Phyllis died, her grandchildren and great-grandchildren each tied a bright, helium-filled balloon to her casket. Phyllis’ nickname was ‘Nana Balloon’ because she loved to give them…


Continence: Helping Those with Dementia Find the Toilet at Night

Continence nurse, Andrea Lord, gives practical tips and ideas to help those experiencing confusion find the toilet in the wee hours! Question: My dad, who has dementia, has forgotten how…