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If Abuse, Neglect or Violence happen, by Tricia Hendry

by Editor

Sadly, there can be instances when abuse, neglect, or violence happens to vulnerable people.

Whose Life Is It?

By Dr Maree Todd A geriatrician’s caring journey with her parents has been a professional eye-opener. I have been working with older people and their families for 20 years. Over…

Advice: Holiday Questions and Answers

Retired air hostess Sheila Wyeth says good planning can avoid travel headaches in the air and on the ground… and Jan Moss shares tips for those travelling with someone who…

A Year Ago Today

Carers World Radio is an internet based radio station for carers around the globe. “A year ago my mother fell and broke her hip. It has been a very sad, bumpy…

Learn About Dementia and Continence Online!

Anyone can access free learning and assessment programmes in the field of Health and Wellbeing, including continence and dementia, at the online learning site of Industry Training Organisation Careerforce. Select a…


Stroke Foundation Information for Carers

Download helpful booklets and pamphlets at the Stroke Foundation website, and learn about support options near where you live. You can view the Foundation’s informative booklets online or order print…

Intimacy After Stroke

Keeping Moving: Advice for Older Drivers

Download the NZ Transport Agency’s booklet about the driver licence renewal process, and tips to keep older drivers moving. The booklet also contains guidelines for assessing your own driving ability…

Senior Citizens Driving