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Total Mobility Scheme

by Editor

Review this helpful booklet about the Total Mobility scheme! Total Mobility Around NZ, developed in partnership by local and central government, will inform you about the Total Mobility scheme, which…

Keeping Mobile: Use Your Mobility Scooter Safely

If you currently use a mobility scooter or power chair or are considering using one in the future – this free booklet is for you. Published by the NZ Transport…


Tips And Advice: Nine Rules To Travel By!

Family Care reader Kirsten Gregory recalls the Central Otago holiday she shared with her twin sister following Catherine‚Äôs serious injury and intensive rehabilitation. Kirsten has provided nine suggestions to help…


Keeping Moving: Advice for Older Drivers

Download the NZ Transport Agency’s booklet about the driver licence renewal process, and tips to keep older drivers moving. The booklet also contains guidelines for assessing your own driving ability…

Senior Citizens Driving