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Total Mobility Scheme

by Editor

Review this helpful booklet about the Total Mobility scheme! Total Mobility Around NZ, developed in partnership by local and central government, will inform you about the Total Mobility scheme, which…

Keeping Mobile: Use Your Mobility Scooter Safely

If you currently use a mobility scooter or power chair or are considering using one in the future – this free booklet is for you. Published by the NZ Transport…


Carer Story: Have Walking Frame, Will Travel

When planning her latest excursion to the Greek village of Leonidion, Diana Noonan asked her Mum to share the journey. For 20 years I’ve been visiting the same small village…

Keeping Moving: Staying Mobile!

More people of all ages are using mobility scooters, walking frames, and walking sticks. Once ugly and institutional, today’s most popular aids are colourful, attractive, and have appealing features. Find…

Keeping Moving: Advice for Older Drivers

Download the NZ Transport Agency’s booklet about the driver licence renewal process, and tips to keep older drivers moving. The booklet also contains guidelines for assessing your own driving ability…

Senior Citizens Driving

Advice: Preventing Pressure Sores

Older people who spend a lot of time sitting or lying down, and whose skin has become fragile due to ageing, can quickly develop pressure sores, which may take a…


Home Lifts

With New Zealand’s ageing population steadily increasing, future-proofing your home can be a sensible idea.

With a great range of styles and models available these days, finding one that fits your particular needs is easier than it’s ever been.

There are even portable options if you are planning to move in the future, or are renting your home and won’t need the equipment long-term.